Wedding Dance 

It is our experience that every couple has different needs, preferences and time schedules

but everyone has the ability to be a good dancer with enough time.

If a couple is planning to get married, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Don't wait until the last minute. Your schedule will get very hectic as the wedding

day approaches. We recommend starting three to six months earlier to allow

more time for practice, especially if you are newcomers to dancing.

Don't worry if you haven't chosen a song. On your very first lesson we can help

make suggestions depending on which dance you like and do the best. If you already

have a song chosen, bring it with you.

Be patient when learning. Dancing is a great stress reliever, and a fun date night,

so don't put too much pressure on each other.

Don't try to teach each other. You?ll both have a lot more fun dancing

if you leave the teaching to us.

Wear shoes to your lessons that are similar to the ones you'll be wearing on your wedding day.

Be consistent with your lessons. Plan at least once a week to get the most from your lessons.

A couple who feels confident when they dance together will ensure that their very first

dance together as husband and wife will be a memory you will cherish forever